Foaling Kit Checklist


  • YOUR VET’S NUMBER. Always have this handy so you can call immediately if you suspect a problem.
  • Clean Towel – large, clean towel
  • Headlamp – A decent powered headlamp (min 500 lumens). I like headlamps as it allows you to have your hands free.
  • A sharp, clean pair of scissors or scalpel blade
  • Betadine in a spray bottle – to spray the umbilical stump
  • Enemas – I prefer the “Fleet” enemas.
  • Tail-wrap – or bandage to wrap the mare’s tail if assistance is required during the foaling process
  • Gloves – several pairs of clean or sterile latex gloves
  • Cotton wool and clean water – to clean mare’s vulva prior to foaling or to clean teats if milking mare
  • ​A large garbage bag or clean bucket and lid – place the placenta into one of these so that the vet can examine it during the post – natal exam.
  • Thermometer – rapid-read digital thermometer is what I would recommend.

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