If you haven’t already prepared your foaling kit, it’s time for immediate action. A foaling kit is not just about assembling the items you may need in an emergency – it’s about having everything at hand to deal with many of the normal matters you expect to face during and immediately after a foal’s birth. Mare’s may foal early, so you may not have the time to assemble all the essential items. 

Our foaling kit has got everything you need to get you ready for the upcoming birth of your new foal. We’ve put a lot of thought into developing this kit and have included the products we commonly recommend to our own clients. 

The kit includes :
– Super-bright 2100 lumen LED Headlamp (valued at $55.00)
– Fleet Enema (valued at $10.00)
– Digital Thermometer (valued at $10.00)
– 500ml Betadine Solution (valued at $20.00)
– XL Towel (valued at $10.00)
– Dipping cup for the umbilicus (valued at $2.00)
– Scalpel blade​ (valued at $4.00)
– Pack of gauze swabs​ (valued at $5.00)

– Disposable Tail Wrap (valued at $2.00)
– Cotton wool to clean the mare’s udder (valued at $10.00)
– 2 x Pairs of Disposable gloves (valued at $5.00)
– Bag with tie for the placenta (valued at $2.00)

All contained in a waterproof, re-sealable pouch!


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