What is Beet Pulp ?

Beet pulp is the fibrous material left over after the sugar is extracted from sugar beets. It’s an excellent source of digestible fiber, with a relatively low crude protein content . Its digestible energy is somewhere between that of hay and grain. In terms of other nutriention – Its chief value is as a soft, easily digestible supplement to your horse’s roughage (fiber) intake, and as such it’s a useful addition to the diet of many types of horses.

When to feed beet pulp ?

Consider feeding beet pulp if :

1. your horse is a “difficult keeper” (it’s good for encouraging weight gain),

2. your has dental problems that make chewing hay difficult,

3. if the quality of your hay is poor,

4. if you have a geriatric horse who has trouble chewing or digesting other types of forage.

5. if you have a horse that needs to gain weight but is also insulin resistant

Most horses find it quite palatable, although occasionally you’ll come across one who considers it an acquired taste.


How to feed beet pulp ?

In its original format, beet pulp is quite soft and prone to mold, so it must be dried for storage. You can buy dehydrated beet pulp in either a shredded or a pelleted format; either way, it’s grayish-brown in color and has a slight but distinctive odor. Some companies add molasses to improve its palatability and energy content (be aware of this when feeding to horses that are insulin resistant) .We recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions  when feeding beet pulp to your horses as each product will vary slightly.It’s best to make up beet pulp in small batches—just enough to feed in a single day. In the warm summer months,  soaked beet pulp tends to ferment. If this happens, it’s best to throw it out and make a fresh batch. Generally soaked beet pulp will keep for about 24 hours. As with any feed changes, please allow gradual introduction of new feeds over a 14 day period to prevent digestive upsets in your horse.

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