10 Point Post-Natal Checklist

A thorough veterinary examination will help detect any abnormalities so that they may be treated promptly.


The following checks are performed during our post-natal exam.
  1. Placenta – Has all the placenta been expelled and is it intact ?
  2. Meconium – Has the foal passed its meconium or is it straining to defecate ?
  3. Nursing – Is the foal up and nursing adequately? Is the mare producing enough milk ?
  4. Umbilicus – Is the umbilicus dry ? or is it moist and dripping ?
  5. Limbs – Are there any angular limb deformities present ? If so, are they mild or severe ? Do they require immediate attention?
  6. Hernias – Are any hernias present ? If so, how big ? Do they require immediate attention.
  7. Eyes – Any entropion present ? (inverted eyelids that can cause severe corneal ulceration and require prompt veterinary attention
  8. TPR – Temperature Check, Pulse/Heart Check (any murmurs present?), Respiration Check (do the lungs sound clear ?). Mucus membranes check – Are they moist and pink ? Yellow ? Dry ?
  9. Tetanus – Did the mare receive a tetanus booster 3-4weeks prior to foaling ? If not, the foal will require a vaccination.
  10. IgG Test – Will determine if the foal received adequate transfer of antibodies through the colostrum ? If not, a plasma transfusion may be required.
An IgG test is included in the price of our post-natal exam package.
​Call us on 0427 072 095 to schedule an exam approximately 12-24hrs post-foaling