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Getting your horse off to the best start to life is the primary goal of any horse owner.

Our Young Horse Wellness plan is specifically tailored to horses under the age of 5. It is designed to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your horse is receiving the best possible preventative care through their early stages of life.

Horses under the age of 5 face unique challenges and early intervention can help diagnose and treat any issues before they become a serious problem.

Our Young Horse Wellness Plan features :

  • Complete physical exam : A full physical examination forms the cornerstone of our young horse program. It is very important to identify any congenital or juvenile problems so they may be treated in a timely manner.

  • Podiatry & conformation assessment : An assessment of hoof and limb conformation as well as gait (movement) is essential when examining the young, growing horse. Early intervention to correct any issues can go a long way to prevent any soundness issues from developing later in life.

  • Veterinary Oral Exam & Dental : Your foal should receive their first preliminary oral exam when its 24hrs old. On this post-natal exam, we check for things such as palate abnormalities, overbite, underbite or wry nose. If everything appears normal at birth, we recommend your horse receives bi-annual dental exams until the age of 3. Identifying dental abnormalities at a young age is important so that appropriate care can be recommended.

  • Parasite control : The immature immune system of foals and young horses make them more susceptible to worms than older horses. Growing horses also tend to harbour a different parasite population to older horses, and as a result their deworming program and frequency needs special attention. We will tailor a deworming program for your horse based on worm egg counts and other management considerations.

  • Vaccinations : Foals should receive their first vaccination at 3-6mths of age. Vaccination protocols for young horses are dependent on what diseases you choose to vaccinate for. It is important to ensure your foal is in good health before a vaccination is administered. We can design a vaccination schedule for your horse.

  • Nutritional Consultation : Nutrition plays a vital role in growing a strong, healthy and sound horse. A growing horse’s diet must be adequately balanced in energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to prevent issues such as developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD). The nutritional requirements of your horse changes dramatically as they grow and it is absolutely essential adjust their diet through their various stages of growth. There are vast differences in growth rates of horses between breeds and we can help design a diet tailored to the needs of your horse.

  • Radiographic consultation : An area of concern for young horses is the occurrence of bone and joint disorders (eg. DOD mentioned above). A common signs of DOD is swelling of joints such as hock and stifle. Early recognition is important. If you notice any enlargement in your horse’s joints we recommend an  x-ray the affected leg asap. We can perform digital radiography on your property, which means you don’t have to stress your horse by transporting them into a hospital. If left unattended, severe cases of DOD may ultimately affect the future soundness of your horse.

When choosing our Young Horse Wellness Plan, you’re making an investment in your horse’s entire life. The health care needs of growing horses is not something that should be taken lightly.

Our wellness plan takes into consideration all aspects of health care during the crucial period of growth and development. We will tailor a wellness package for your horse from birth to ensure they receive the best start to life.

Invest in your horse's health. Customise their health care plan from the services below. We will contact you with a quote and to discuss your horse's requirements.