Our SonoBook is a laptop style ultrasound machine. It is fully battery operated and portable making it specifically designed for use in the field.

Ultrasonography is a diagnostic imaging technique used by veterinarians to visualise internal body structures. These structures includes tendons, muscle and blood vessels as well as internal organs. Not only does it provide valuable information from a diagnostic point of view, but can help when evaluating response to treatment as well being a prognostic indicator.  

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, diagnostic tool that is readily available for use on our patients. It can help compliment other diagnostic procedures and aid in forming a definitive diagnosis.  


The SonoBook is available for use on our client’s properties for routine appointments such as :

  • Lameness exams & Musculoskeletal ultrasound

  • Reproductive exams (including follicle tests and pregnancy diagnosis)


The ultrasound machine is available for use 24/7 and has also proved to be a powerful diagnostic tool for emergencies

  • Wound exams : ultrasound allows us to gain valuable information about the wound site and aids in the examination of underlying soft tissue structures that may be compromised

  • Colic exams : abdominal ultrasound is a incredibly useful, non-invasive diagnostic technique which we can utilise in the field to help formulate a treatment plan.