senior horse


Horses are faced with unique health challenges as they age and we understand that a one- size-fits-all approach is not the answer. We understand that with older horse, sometimes less-is-more. This is why we have created a list of key services tailored to the needs of your senior horse. 

Conditions such as PPID (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction or Equine Cushings) may affect more than 30% of horses over the age of 18. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can greatly improve the quality of life for horses suffering from this disease.

Our Senior Horse Wellness Plan features :

  • Full physical examination : Many senior horse health problems can often be easily managed with early detection. An annual veterinary exam is very important to help prevent your horse experiencing pain or discomfort by tackling any issues before they become a major health concern.

  • Initial soundness evaluation : Arthritis is a result of repeated wear-and-tear in your horse’s joints. Lameness caused by arthritis is one of the most common problems facing older horses. Recent scientific advances means we have many options to help reduce discomfort in your senior horse. Every horse is different and we can tailor a plan to best suit your horse.

  • Veterinary oral exam and dental : Dental issues are one of the most widely recognized concerns of the senior horse. Improper dental care can lead to other issues such as choking, colic and weight loss. Regular dental exams allows us to ensure your horse’s dental health is maintained as they age.

  • Fecal egg count (3 per year) : As they age, a horse’s immunity to parasites decline. Maintaining a regular deworming program based on the results of a fecal egg count is important to prevent any parasite related issues from developing.

  • Tetanus Vaccination : We recommend an annual tetanus vaccination for the older horse.

  • Drench with oil and electrolytes : Sand accumulation can lead to weight loss, scouring and colic. Routine drenching may help reduce sand accumulation in your horse.

  • Nutritional Consultation : Weight loss is one of the most common concerns facing the senior horse. A balanced diet, tailored to the needs of the senior horse is essential to maintain them in optimal body condition.

  • PPID Blood Test (with option to add testing for EMS) : Older horses suffering from PPID may present with issues such as laminitis, muscle wastage and chronic (persistent) infections. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent these complications from developing.

  • Acupuncture sessions : Acupuncture can be used to help prevent arthritis or reduce the discomfort in an already arthritic horse.

Thanks to advancements in veterinary care, nutrition and management, horses are living longer than ever. Our Senior Horse Wellness Plan offers a unique veterinary package, specifically created to meet the needs of your older horse. 

You can mix-and-match any of these services and may even choose to include a set of high-quality digital radiographs if your horse showing signs of arthritis in their joints. We understand, that some older horses don’t do well with being transported – all our services (including digital x-rays) are performed on your property. This saves you (and your horse) the stress of transporting them into a hospital.

In the event that do you need us for an emergency, we are available 24/7 for your horse. Priority is always given to our clients.

Customise your older horse's health care from the list of services below. We will contact you with a quote and to discuss your horse's requirements.