Sand colic is unfortunately something we see frequently in Western Australia. Cases seem to spike around autumn due to horses ingesting large amounts of sand whilst grazing the new green pick. Old and outdated prevention methods such as routine oil drenching has been shown in numerous studies to be INEFFECTIVE and reducing sand buildup in horses.

With the availability of modern diagnostics, we can check the level of sand accumulation in your horse's abdomen with our wireless xray machine. This can be done on your property.

If your horse has a large sand burden, we will then recommend drenching with psyllium husks to help kick-start the sand removal. From here, we will tailor a psyllium feeding regime for you based on your horse's sand load. Psyllium, a natural soluble fibre has been shown to be effective at reducing sand build-up in horses. However, caution must be advised and you should not feed psyllium if your horse is showing signs of colic.


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Sand Colic