We are a full service, mobile equine veterinary practice. Our clients benefit from access to state-of-the-art diagnostics and an experienced, professional veterinary service on their property. We are dedicated to provide customised, sustainable veterinary care for our patients and we encourage you to learn more about our practice and our people.  


We know how much you the health of your animals means to you which is why we offer excellent preventative care to keep your horse looking and feeling their best. Good preventative care, tailored to each individual horse can not only keep them performing at the very best, but also ensure they stay healthy as they age. Our preventative care services include vaccinations, dentistry, fecal egg counts, nutritional consultations, prepurchase exams, drenches and podiatry exams.


We are fully equipped to perform minor surgeries in the field. These include castrations, wound repair, caslicks & biopsies. For more complex surgeries that cannot be performed under field conditions, we can assist with referral to an equine surgical facility.


A podiatry exam is an invaluable procedure, not only to aid in recovery of painful conditions such as laminitis, but also as a preventative measure in equine athletes.

Our exams include an examination of the horse at walk and trot as well as a hoof tester exam. We utilise the NextDR - the latest in wireless digital xray technology to perform radiographs of both front feet. The information obtained from the exam forms the basis on a therapeutic shoeing/trimming plan which we will develop in conjunction with your farrier.

We strongly believe a team-based approach between the vet, farrier and owner is essential to ensuring the long-term soundness of your horse and we are more than happy to work with your farrier to achieve this. 


Along with a full physical examination, we may also use flexion tests, nerve blocks, digital radiographs and ultrasonography to evaluate lameness in your horse. We are fully equipped to conduct a lameness evaluation in the field. 


Acupuncture involves the use of thin, flexible, sterile needles placed in specific locations to help the body heal itself. Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of conditions in horses including lameness, back pain, behavioural issues, gastrointestinal disorders and allergies, to name a few. Dr Sundra has been trained in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine and acupuncture at the Chi Institute and is available for consultation. To find out more go here


Our ultrasound unit is completely portable, making it ideal for follicle tests and pregnancy scans in the field. Provided there is a safe, workable crush we are able to perform these services on your property.


A post-natal exam is an essential part of breeding your horse. Early diagnosis and treatment is imperative to ensure the long term health and soundness of your foal. We perform a 10-point post natal exam which also includes an IgG test to ensure your foal has received adequate amounts of antibodies from the mare’s colostrum. We recommend this exam be performed 18-24hrs following birth. Please call us to schedule the exam.