Tania has been with my

Tania has been with my horses and I through some of the biggest ups and downs. The quality of life of my animals has increased immensely with her expertise. Her passion for her job shines in the relationships she builds with her clients and their animals. I’m proud to recommend Tania and the entire team at Avon Ridge to anyone, because their knowledge and professionalism is something to truly admire. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else.

Rachel Leeds

Tanya is highly recommended for

Tanya is highly recommended for her patient competence dealing with our animals. We have a kindly donkey (Molly)and a naughty thoroughbred/pony cross (Gerry) who despite his 19 years never fails to challenge vets. With humour and kindness she won him over for his annual drench, dental check, faecal egg count, vaccination and on going advice on sand and general health management. With the help of her lovely assistant all I had to do was stand and let it all happen. Thank you Tanya for your help, advice, attention to detail, your patience with Gerry and your gentleness with Molly the donkey. All done without stress on our own property at a great price.

Hanna Silversides

Can’t recommend Tania enough the

Can’t recommend Tania enough the compassion and care she showed to our horses is amazing not to mention the time she takes to answer our crazy questions!!

Emily Goodall

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