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Podiatry Exam for Your Horse Today!

Our NextDR unit allows us to bring the latest in wireless, digital x-ray technology straight to your horse.

Examination of Your Horse

We will perform a gait examination of your horse at walk and trot, including hoof tester examination and flexion tests if required. 

On-farm Digital Radiography

X-rays of both front feet are taken and analysed including a series of measurements and assessment of the hoof-pastern axis. These x-rays are also sent to you for future reference.  

Discussion with your Farrier

We'll work closely with your farrier to develop and implement a therapeutic shoeing/trimming plan. 

Further Testing 

If required, we may recommend further tests for conditions such as PPID or Insulin Dysregulation (for example,  if your horse/pony is prone to laminitis).

We believe a team approach between the vet, farrier and owner is essential for maintaining the soundness of your horse.

Dr Tania Sundra, Practice Owner
Avon Ridge Equine Veterinary Services