pleasure Horse


Our Pleasure Horse Wellness Plan is specifically tailored to keep your horse looking and feeling great. This is the perfect veterinary plan for horses who are in light work. Enrolling your horse in our wellness plan means you are creating a focus on disease prevention through timely veterinary care and proper nutrition.

Our Pleasure Horse Wellness Plan features :

  • Full physical examination : An essential part of the wellness exam is to identify any areas of concern before they become an issue. A thorough veterinary examination may alert us to the onset of disease before your horse begins showing outward signs. 

  • Veterinary oral exam and dental : Just like people, horses require regular dental check-ups. We recommend 6-12 monthly dental exams depending on the needs of your horse. Poor dental health can lead to weight loss, feed impaction, colic and choke. It is important to understand that horses are prey animals, and it is not in their nature to show pain. Dental pathology is extremely painful and it is important your horse receives regular veterinary oral exams to ensure they stay pain free. 

  • Fecal egg count (2 per year) : Monitoring your horse’s worm egg count is essential to develop a strategic deworming program for your horse. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to deworming. Most horses only need deworming once or twice a year and a fecal egg count will tell us how frequently we need to deworm your horse.

  • Tetanus Vaccination : For horses in light work we recommend an annual tetanus vaccination. You may choose to add a strangles vaccination if your horse travels frequently or if they live at an agistment centre. 

  • Lameness Examination : Stress, strain or injury can take a toll on any horse. When lameness occurs, you should contact a veterinarian promptly. A prompt examination can save you time, money and frustration by diagnosing and treating the problem immediately, possibly preventing further damage. The goal of such early examinations is to keep small problems from becoming big ones. We are fully equipped with a mobile x-ray and ultrasound machine so all diagnostics can be performed on your property. 

  • Drench with oil and electrolytes : Sand impaction is one of the most common causes of colic in Western Australia. Routine drenches may help prevent the accumulation of sand in your horse. We will also advise you of other methods to reduce the sand burden in your horse.

  • Nutritional Consultation : Proper nutrition is essential to maintain your horse’s health and keep them at an optimal body condition. Horses have a range of nutrient requirements that are necessary to meet their daily needs. There are several factors to consider when formulating a diet for your horse : 1. current body condition, 2. age, 3. previous health issues, 4. level of exercise and 5. forage currently available. We can help you tailor a diet to to meet the nutritional requirements on your horse based on your budget and the above five categories. 

You can mix and match any of these services and we will customise a plan specifically for your horse. You may even want to include a podiatry exam, if you want to take a closer look at your horse’s foot balance. All of our services are performed on your property (incl digital radiography), saving you the need to transport your horse into a hospital.

In the event that do you need us for an emergency, we are available 24/7 for your horse. Priority is always given to our clients.

Invest in your horse's health. Customise their health care plan from the services below. We will contact you with a quote and to discuss your horse's requirements.