Performance Horse


Our Performance Horse Wellness Plan is designed to cater to the needs of the equine athlete, at all stages of their life. This plan creates a focus on optimal performance through early diagnosis and treatment of any health issues. We understand the rigours of the competition season and we aim to keep your horse performing at their best.

Our Performance Horse Wellness Plan features :

  • Complete physical examination : An essential part of maintaining your equine athlete is ensuring any issues are promptly identified. A regular veterinary exam allows us to evaluate your horse throughout their career and detect subtle changes before they become problems.

  • Preliminary evaluation for gastric ulcers : Over 50% of competition horses suffer from gastric ulcers. Early diagnosis and treatment of gastric ulcers is essential to keep your horse performing at their best.

  • Veterinary oral exam and dental : An annual or bi-annual dental exam is essential to preventing bit and performance issues. The best way to promote good dental health and to ensure your equine athlete is oral pain-free, is to schedule regular veterinary dental exams.

  • Initial soundness evaluation : Lameness is one of the most common and frustrating issues affecting equine athletes. An evaluation of your horse’s gait at the walk and trot may help determine if a lameness issue is present.

  • Fecal egg count (4 per year) : A strategic deworming program should form the basis of any parasite control program for a performance horse. Unnecessary, over-deworming can be just as, if not more detrimental to under-deworming your horse.

  • Tetanus & Strangles Vaccination : We recommend annual your horse receive an annual tetanus and strangles vaccine

  • Drench with oil and electrolytes : Despite your best management efforts, your horse is likely going to ingest small amounts of sand whilst they are out grazing. As the sand burden increases it can cause life-threatening colic. Routine oil drenching, combined monthly psyllium therapy can help prevent sand accumulation in your horse.

  • Nutritional evaluation : The body condition of your horse is a key factor in maintaining a sustainable athletic career. Small errors in feeding can greatly impact your horse’s ability to perform. Research has shown that it is vitally important to examine your horse’s diet regularly to ensure their nutritional needs are met during all phases of training.

  • Podiatry examination : Paying close attention to your horse’s foot conformation and balance is vital. Foot pain is the source of most kinds of lameness. A podiatry exam involves an assessment of your horse’s feet and includes high-quality digital radiographs of both front feet to share with your farrier. Ensuring your horse’s feet are balanced and well maintained is the key to preventing soundness issues in your horse. This service is performed on your property using our state-of-the-art mobile digital x-ray equipment.

  • Ultrasound of soft tissue structures : Soft tissue injuries can be very detrimental to your horse’s career. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment is imperative to maintain their soundness. This service is performed with our high-resolution mobile ultrasound machine.

  • Performance horse bloodwork panel : Blood analysis can yield vital information about the health of your horse including signs of infection, muscle damage or liver and kidney issues.

  • Acupuncture sessions : Acupuncture allows us to address a number of issues such as back pain, lameness and behavioural issues. Dr Sundra has been trained in veterinary acupuncture from the Chi institute.

You may choose to add-on extra services like a full lameness evaluation or even include radiographs of other regions of concern eg. hock or thoracic/lumbar spine . Our performance horse plan is designed to give you, the owner, the flexibility to customize
your horse’s wellness plan depending on their individual needs and requirements. There is no ‘cookie-cutter’ approach when it comes to maintaining your equine athlete and we believe in giving you the freedom to choose the services you desire. We know your time is important and all our services are performed on your property, saving you the hassle of transporting your horse into a hospital.

In the event that do you need us for an emergency, we are available 24/7 for your horse. Priority is always given to our clients.

Invest in your horse's health. Customise their health care plan from the services below. We will contact you with a quote and to discuss your horse's requirements.