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At Avon Ridge Equine Veterinary Services we treat our patients as if they were our own, and strive to offer our clients a service they desire and deserve.

This is where functional veterinary medicine comes in. Functional medicine is rapidly becoming commonplace in the human medical world and it is quickly becoming the future of veterinary medicine. It forms the basis of how we practice and is the underlying approach we take in the treatment of our patients.

Functional veterinary medicine looks at the horse’s body as one integrated system in which everything is connected. And rather than treating symptoms, functional veterinary medicine seeks to identify and address the root causes.

Functional veterinary medicine creates a focus on prevention through proper nutrition,diet and exercise. We are committed to providing our clients with the latest in diagnostics as well as staying on the cutting-edge of science-based treatment for our patients.

If you are looking for a veterinarian who takes an individualized approach to the long-term care of horse and who are dedicated to provide you, the client, with enough information to make appropriate decisions concerning the health of your horses, then please contact us  0427 072 095.