Digital Radiography

We utilise the NEXT Equine DR® from SOUND.


Sound is the global leader in veterinary imaging technology and our NEXT Equine DR machine is no exception. It utilises the latest in X-ray technology in a completely wireless and battery operated system. It the gold standard in veterinary radiology. 

  • High quality diagnostic x-rays available on property

  • Completely wireless and battery operated unit makes it ideal for use around horses in the field

  • Images are available instantly, allowing diagnostic decisions to be made promptly

Our NEXT Equine DR® unit is available to all our clients on their property.  This convenient technology eliminates the need for transporting horses into a hospital for diagnostic imaging. Clients are also able to download their horse’s x-rays from our cloud-based server, to keep for their records.


Farriers are experts in the field of hoof care and we strongly believe a team based approach is necessary to ensure the soundness of your horse. We work in conjunction with a number of highly-skilled farriers in the area who are committed to offering the best podiatry care for their client’s horses.

Our podiatry exams, which include a set of highly-diagnostic x-rays of the horse’s hooves is a service which is becoming increasingly popular and commonplace amongst our clients. These x-rays are essential in providing valuable information for your farrier on the angles,  alignment and depth of bony structures within your horse’s hooves.

A team-based approach between the vet-farrier and owner is essential to ensuring the long-term soundness of your horse. A podiatry exam is an invaluable procedure - not only to aid in recovery, but also as a preventative measure in equine athletes. Schedule your podiatry exam here.